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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Billiard & Snooker


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"Vue d'Optique" or "Perspective View" of a Billiard Room.
A framed and mounted original hand coloured 'Billiard Room' etching by Georg Balthasar Probst. This is a very special genre of an antique etching known as a "Vue d'Optique" or a "Perspective View". They were usually views of cities around the world, or of shipping, palaces, gardens and architecture, mainly subject matter that could provide the illusion of depth when viewed through a zograscope, or other viewer with similar functions. These prints were produced in London, Paris, Augsburg and several other cities and when viewed through a peep box with a magnifying lens gave the viewer the impression of a three dimensional perception.

The title at the top of this etching is in inverted writing "EUV AL" (which would be corrected by the lens for the viewer) and is also printed in several languages along the bottom. On the print is written 'EUV AL 172, Vifus, La Vue, La Vista, Das Gesicht, Med. Fol: No45, Georg Balthasar Probst, excud. A.V.'.

H 32 cm x W 43 cm
H 12½" x W 16¾"

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