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Spalding 'Kro-Flite' Mesh Pattern Golf Ball.
A wonderful example of a 1920's Spalding rubber core golf ball in mint condition. The ball has a square mesh pattern and is called 'Kro-Flite'. The Kro - Flite was first manufactured in the 1920's and eventually became one of Spalding's most popular brands. The ball is with it's original outer blue wrapper but has a secondary advertising paper wrapped around the ball. We have a second identical ball that has been unwrapped and the advert has been photographed and it states :-

The "MAXIM" is British made of the finest materials, and is guaranteed to equal in all respects any first class ball. Take a few Maxims, with an equal number of any first class ball for a little driving practice. At the end of a large percentage of your longest and straightest drives you will find the Maxim. There is not the smallest degree of exaggeration in this claim. You can so easily prove it. Three sample Balls 2/6 post free. W. F. Fisher, Maxim House, BRIGHTON. There is nothing better than the Maxim.

The ball is approximately 1 5/8 inch in diameter (4.1 cm).

A. G. Spalding & Bros. was founded in 1876 by Albert Spalding, a baseball player and manager. They were known for their baseballs before branching out into the golf business in the 1890's in the United States, and Britain shortly thereafter. In Britain Spalding's main business seemed to be golf balls more

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