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Hawkes & Co. Ltd. Tropical Helmet.
Vintage Pith Helmet, Solar Topee, in original black tin carry-case.
A good white solar topee (also known as a pith helmet, safari helmet or topi). The Topi is in excellent condition, it is a size 7 with a 6 panel white linen body, white cloth band (or puggaree), leather chin strap, leather sweatband and with a green cotton brim lining. The topee is a lightweight cloth-covered helmet designed to shade the wearer's head and face from the sun. The sweatband is embossed 'Made for Whiteaway Laidlaw & Co. Ltd., Hawkes's Patent Self-Fitting & Ventilating lining, British 17488 & 103425 – Canadian 144419, India 442 & U.S.A 1235002'. There is a makers stamp inside reading 'Hawkes & Co. Ltd., Savile Row, London W, Sole Manufacturers'. The original black tin is inscribed 'C.H.B' with a hinged lid, carry handle and a clasp for locking. The case is in good condition with some rust and there is the remains of a paper label 'Lalone Bros. & Parham's Depositories, Bristol & Weston – Super – Mare' and between two printed lines on the label is something hand written in pencil.

Resin display hat block not included but available to purchase separately priced at £110 + VAT.

H 23 cm x W 32 cm x D 39.5 cm
H 9" x W 12½" x D 15½"

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