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Carved Malloch Sea Trout Trophy Fish Model.
An excellent carved wooden sea-trout on original bevelled edged oak backboard. The 3/4 block trout is carved with the dorsal fin, adipose fin, pectoral fin, pelvic fin, anal fin and tail fin, the eye also carved out in semi relief. The fish is painted to a high standard with naturalistic colours, a dark head and back shading down through the paler tones to the belly. The fish is beautifully executed. The back board is with ivorine plaque inscribed 'Caught by RUFUS CLARKE, 5th. Sept. 1921. Weight 5 1/4 Lbs.'. Although there is no makers label on the fish it is carved in the traditional Malloch fashion being a 3/4 block model.
Peter Malloch was born in Almondbank, near Perth in Scotland in 1853. With his brother James they went into business in 1875 as Taxidermists and fishing tackle suppliers. A well known company in the world of fishing.

H 23 cm x W 69.5 cm x D 8 cm
H 9" x W 27ΒΌ" x D 3"

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