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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Fishing - Fishmodels


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Malloch Brown Trout Trophy Fish Model.
An excellent plaster cast brown trout in original display case. The case is made of mahogany with a glazed barrel front. The naturalistically painted fish is with the dorsal fin, adipose fin, pectoral fin, pelvic fin, anal fin and tail fin and is beautifully executed and painted to a high standard. The backboard is painted in graduated blues and to the foot it is painted with the inscription 'Caught on the Dour. Loch Rhiconich. On 6th June 1911. By W.B., Weight 3lbs, The fly Butcher on Loch Leven Cast by Malloch'. A very unusual cased trout.

H 25.5 cm x W 63 cm x D 13 cm
H 10" x W 24¾" x D 5"

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