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Carved Salmon Trophy Fish Model, Spey.
An excellent carved wooden salmon on original pine backboard. The half block salmon is carved with the dorsal fin, adipose fin, pectoral fin, pelvic fin, anal fin and tail fin, the eye also carved out in semi relief. The salmon is painted to a high standard with naturalistically painted greyish blue colours, with a dark head and back shading down through the paler tones to a cream-coloured belly. The fish is beautifully executed; there are even vertical rows of thick white crescent-shaped scales. The back board is painted with the description '16 LBS. Killed by T.W.L.B., Aultdearg Pool, Spey. June 30, 1923'. There is a small glass window to the bottom left with the fly that was used to catch the salmon.

Killed has been over painted with the word 'caught'.

H 32.5 cm x W 104 cm
H 12¾" x W 40¾"

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