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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Aviation


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German Observation Binoculars, 10 X 80
A pair of German ex military observation binoculars mounted on an aluminium cradle and adjustable old wooden tripod. The binoculars with 45ยบ incline eyepieces are marked D.F. 10 x 80, X cxn o, 75313, 52163, cxn is the manufactures code for Busch of Rothenau. The eyepieces can be adjusted to suit your eyes with a turn of a knob as can the four shade settings for the lenses. The optical quality of the lenses is remarkable. This is a very fine pair of binoculars with a highly polished finish, giving it a sculptural look.
The measurements are without the tripod.

H 33.5 cm x W 48.5 cm x D 36 cm
H 13" x W 19" x D 14"

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