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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Croquet


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Jaques Brass Bound Croquet Set.
A fine quality brass bound croquet set by Jaques with Ascot Rockwood mallets.
The set comes on a new mahogany stand and a set of standard hoops.
Please note - this set is without a box.

Jaques Ascot Croquet mallet features a Rockwood head that is heavier and superior to Ash, incorporating concentric grooves on its faces to improve the contact between the ball and mallet; it is perfect for playing roll and stop shots. Brass rings add weight and protect the mallet from damage due to miss hits. A Hickory handle completes this Croquet mallet complete with wind on black Takair grip.

H 101 cm x W 52 cm x D 19.5 cm
H 40" x W 20½" x D 7¾"

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