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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Golf - Clubs


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Vintage Spalding Hickory Golf club, Niblick, J. Adwick.
A good hickory shafted Niblick golf club by A. G. Spalding & Bros. The club is with polished leather grip and would be ideal to play hickory golf with. The club head is with dot punched face markings and marked with Spaldings 'Arrow through a ring' cleek mark, J. Adwick signature and carrying power 15/50 YDS. The shaft is stamped 'S. Trapp Romford'. This club may have been refurbished by Trapp when he was at Romford from 1929 until 1935, thus only the shaft carrying his name.

Approximate 50 ° Loft.

Stanley Trapp was born in Loudwater in 1892 and was an assistant to the great Harry Vardon at South Herts 1914 – 1919. He then went to be the professional at Wakefield 1919 – 1923, then Moor Allerton 1923 – 1926, Oxley Park 1926 – 1929 and finally Romford.

Spalding existed in the U.S.A for several decades before advertising golf equipment in their 1893 catalogue. Spalding began making golf clubs in the States in the mid 1890's and in Britain shortly thereafter. Their factory in Dysart, Scotland, produced many iron heads which were assembled in Britain and America. They sold many heads to other professional shops as well as to larger firms like Cann & Taylor. In Britain Spalding's main business seemed to be golf balls more than clubs. Spalding used a variety of cleek marks on their clubs. The 'anvil' mark was used in their forge in Dysart. The marks found on Stateside clubs are slightly different to those used on British clubs. Marks in use were the 'anvil', 'baseball' shape, 'tong', 'hammer' and 'arrow'.
Spalding continued to be a successful club manufacturer and they also greatly affected the golf ball business with the development and sale of their Top Flite brand.

H 94 cm
H 37"

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