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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Games


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Antique Game Box with Cribbage Board.
A nice wooden game box with hinged lid with inlaid cribbage board on top. The box is made from mahogany with rose wood and boxwood veneers. The cribbage board has no scoring numbers but is divided into 5 point segments as a means of keeping track of the score, there is a total of two sets of 60 holes (30 'out' and 30 'back'). One player or team scores on one set of holes and the other player or team scores on the second set, this way you can tell at a glance who is winning and how far away from victory they are. The box contains two sets of cards, some dice in a boxwood shaker and some draught or backgammon pieces.

H 11 cm x W 30.5 cm x D 15 cm
H 4¼" x W 12" x D 5¾"

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