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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Tennis and Racquet sports - Rackets


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Vintage Tennis Racket, F.H Ayres 'Isis'
An unusual racket design sometimes named the "Isis". The racket is with a walnut convex wedge, central stringing and an ash frame with the side holes inset with brass eyelets. The eyelets are there to stop the strings pulling through the frame. The frame is straight with the original white gut stringing and red trebling top and bottom. The racket is stamped by F. H. Ayres and very faint Central stung in the top of the frame. There is also a small K and E8 on the handle.
A rare racket.

F.H.Ayres was established in 1810 and manufactured golf and games as early as the 1880's. F.H.Ayres used the 'Maltese Cross' mark from about 1910, they were eventually bought out by Slazenger.

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