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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Golf - Clubs


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Antique Hickory Golf Club, Cleek, Anderson, Army & Navy.
This smooth face cleek is stamped on the club head with the stamp of Anderson of Anstruther and 'A & N.C.S.L', which stands for Army and Navy Co-Op Society Ltd. The stamps are a little faint but readable. The head has a wonderful patination to it and the original hickory shaft is a perfect fit and is also stamped Army & Navy C.S.L. The suede grip is a little worn but looks original with the listing beneath. This is a fine club.

Alex Anderson, Anstruther, fife, Scotland. Alex was one of the largest club manufactures and worked well into the 1930's. He inherited the business from his father, James, in the late 1800's. They are known as the 'Andersons of Anstruther' and should not be confused with the other Andersons within the golfing trade. Anderson used the plain 'arrow' cleek mark from 1908 onwards and it would always point to the toe of the club. Other clubmaking companies used the 'arrow' mark but usually with the word 'Accurate'.

H 105 cm
H 41ΒΌ"

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