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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Cricket


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This is a magnificent photogravure of a fictitious cricket match at Lords en-titled 'MCC Australia v England'. The original painting is by G. H. Barrable and R. Ponsonby Staples. The Photogravure is published by Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd. London and Manchester. The picture is made up of men who played for England and Australia at the time and notable people who attended Lord's. All of the players are named and portrayed in the border, W. G. Grace can be seen batting (there is also a key to the rear of the picture). Other people worth noting are the Prince (later King Edward VII) and Princess of Wales walking towards the populated stands, some of the crowd being ladies whose names had been linked by gossip to the Prince. One of the most famous lovers of the Prince is Lillie Langtry who is in the right centre foreground, to the right of the pillar. Lillie Langtry (1853 – 1929), was a British actress born on the island of Jersey and was known to have had a number of prominent lovers, The Prince being the most famous. The Prince of Wales, Albert Edward ("Bertie") a well-known philanderer, sat next to Langtry at a dinner party given by Sir Allen Young in 1877 and became infatuated with her. Although Edward was married to Alexandra at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on 10 March 1863, Lillie became his semi-official mistress; the affair lasted from late 1877 to June 1880. Lillie was even presented to Edward's mother, Queen Victoria. Eventually, a cordial relationship developed between her and Princess Alexandra.

H 107 cm x W 150 cm
H 42" x W 59"

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