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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Golf - Clubs


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Set of Six Matched Playable Hickory Golf Clubs.
A good playable set of six hickory shafted golf clubs consisting of Brassie, 4 Iron, two Mashies, Niblick and a brass Blade Putter. The clubs are in excellent original condition with a mix of new and old grips. The face markings are a mixture of dot punched markings and line markings.
The approximate lofts of the usable hickory golf clubs are as follows:-

Brassie 16° Loft, 4 Iron 30° Loft, Mashie 43° Loft, Mashie 36° Loft, Niblick 50° Loft.

A great starter set of hickory golf clubs in good original condition and very usable for modern hickory play. The best balls for hickory play are low compression balls that will give at impact, such as ladies balls or soft feel balls.

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