James Anderson

James Anderson (Jamie) was a famous St. Andrews professional and club maker. He was the eldest son of David Anderson (1821-1901) who was known as 'Old Da', who made feathery golf balls and was the green keeper at the Old Course, St. Andrews. Anderson was a three time Open Champion with three consecutive victories at Musselburgh in 1877; Prestwick Golf Club in 1878; and St Andrews in 1879. After Robert Forgan inherited the Philp business in 1856, Jamie became his assistant, making clubs, caddying and playing golf during this time. Following his first championship he began making clubs on his own producing Long Nose golf clubs from 1865 to 1890. His operation was known as 'J Anderson & Sons', later in 1894 becoming 'The Golf Company', later still Kilrymount. After his death his son, James, continued on in business with David Blythe.

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